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Green Room - Week 26 - Day 1

I thought this was interesting:


Also of interest (to me) - and not at all related in any way whatsoever to the idea of a lessening of women in the field of computing over the years - Nope, none at all, was the number of people (both male and female) who replied to Felicia Day's statement about being "doxxed" (just found out what that is!) after posting some thoughts on Game Gate, by telling her how she is their celebrity crush and/or how pretty they think she is.

She works in television. I'm *pretty sure* that at some point there was another human being who thought she was pretty. ;)

I somehow doubt she is going to be reading and go "OMG, I am so flattered that someone thinks that I'm hot when I'm dealing with people putting my personal information out onto the internet. I want to go have massive amounts of sex with them right now!"

I could be wrong though. Based on the sheer number of people who are doing it, maybe it *has* worked before! ;)


Something that *always* works is eliminations. They are painful, but they work to move the competition further into the heart of darkness.

We had one such elimination tonight:
There was also a new topic for the main competition: as well as one for Last Chance Idol: and a Work Room (for both)
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