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Results - Week 25 and Last Chance Week 4

The polls ended together, so I thought it fitting for the fates to be announced together as well.

I'll handle the main competition first. After all - Last Chance Idol has good news attached as well, and always end on the good news when you can.

The main competition is losing 2 contestants from the Redemption Tribe, one was a sacrifice: belgatherial and the other is leaving us by *a single* vote: ryl

Votes were extremely tight this week, and have every sign of continuing to be that way. At this point, any loss is going to be a painful one.

From the main tribe, we were supposed to lose 3 but there was a tie for that final spot - sending them to fill out the ranks of Redemption next week. (and continuing that tribe's existence)

Which means that the 2 people leaving us are two old and dear friends of Idol impoetry and sarcasmoqueen

Last Chance Idol is a little different, because it is not only losing people - there is the opportunity to gain some as well, as they earn the right to take their place in the ranks of the main competition for Week 26.

There are 4 who have the chance to move up, and 6 who are (hopefully) joining the Home Game.

Those leaving us this week are: kehlen_crow, kfp_rawr kristalsawesome, the_dark_snack, vik_thor and xlovebecomesher

For all of you leaving - thank you so much for everything this season. Eventually, we are going to get down to 1 person, so it's the same fate that is in store for everyone but that person - and one met by 200 or so folks before now. You have made it a long, long way and I hope you are extremely proud, because you should be. (Heck, even the people who were eliminated in Last Chance - you had an uphill battle and still came out swinging. That takes a great deal of something really special - especially to have made it to almost the very end of LCI)

I hope that we haven't seen the last of you and that you will be Home Gaming the topics and continuing to show up to chat, and cheer on your favorites!

Now the good news - because we really need some of that. We have four contestants eligible to join the main competition. They have 24 hours from now to let me know if they will be "moving up" or staying where they are one more week.

The people with that choice? crackpotpie, ellakite, meridian_rose and uncawes

Congratulations to you - and let me know your decision at
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