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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 5

How was your weekend?

Mine was OK. I took a trip to Keene, NH to go to a pumpkin festival and catch up with some old friends!

Fun times were had by all. If "all" means myself and my friends!


In reality, we ended up changing plans nearly completely from the original "maybe sitting around the house" to "we're going to Universal" for the day, which turned into going to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

One thing you should know about me - if you don't already - I don't "do scary". I just don't.

You might be able to get me to watch a movie. But there's a pretty good chance that I will be freaked out by it for awhile.

But last night, I ended up being surrounded by masked chainsaw wielding maniacs.

And I was OK with it.

I didn't go into any of the haunted houses (not ready for that!!), but I was in the scare zones and what I found was that I was more disturbed by the "Purge" area than I was any of the other ones. Monsters are apparently OK with me - it's when people put on masks and start hunting other folks for sport, apparently that line between "actors pretending and the real thing" is a little too close! ;)

What about you? Not just "what did you do this weekend" but also the bigger question of "What sort of scary stuff are you into/how far can it go before it's not fun anymore?"


For those in the main competition, your deadline is TONIGHT: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/793590.html

For those in Last Chance, it's Tomorrow: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/794726.html

For those not in either, that's why we have the Home Game! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/795130.html


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Oct. 20th, 2014 02:55 pm (UTC)
Frist? I went camping this weekend when I probably should have been virtuously cleaning house and working on my entry.
Oct. 20th, 2014 03:08 pm (UTC)
Happy first! Did you have fun camping? :)
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Oct. 20th, 2014 02:56 pm (UTC)
I went into one legit haunted house one time and I will never do so again. I can't deal with the chainsaws, no matter how much I'm aware that they won't actually chop me up or that they're fake or whatever. I can't do it. My biggest fear is things that can cut me aimed toward me.
Oct. 20th, 2014 03:03 pm (UTC)
I don't do scary stuff either. I like "suspense" sort of movies, but I'm not into the horror variety very much. And by "very much" I really mean "at all."

I've seen a few horror movies with friends, but it squicks me out and just isn't my thing.

The commercial with the group of kids in the horror movie, where one suggests "Why don't we hide behind that wall of chainsaws!" amuses me to no end, though. :)

We got a new half-grown kitten this weekend. He was a stray who stood outside our windows and MEOWLED until one of us realized, "Oh, that isn't one of ours!" and went out to see what the fuss was. He's an adorable black cat, with just a tiny bit of white on his chest, and extremely friendly. He's been in solitary in our half-bathroom overnight until my housemate takes him to the vet today to get checked out. She named him Ink. :)

We now have SIX cats, and have called a halt on any more!!
Oct. 20th, 2014 03:21 pm (UTC)
Yay for rescuing a kitty!
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Oct. 20th, 2014 03:25 pm (UTC)
I like psychological horror, obviously. Not so much into the gore and porn variety.
Oct. 20th, 2014 04:54 pm (UTC)
This is pretty much me, too.

Gore? Psycho-slashers? Monsters? Not my thing. Creepy, though, is a completely different story.

The bald fact is, I don't like feeling scared. It's not fun for me, it's like toxic adrenalin or something. So, why would I seek out movies that put me in that place?

Kind of like roller coasters. There's a height from which it's "Wheee!" and beyond that, it's "I am freaking DYING, and it's going on forever!" Ullhhh...
(no subject) - medleymisty - Oct. 20th, 2014 09:40 pm (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 20th, 2014 03:27 pm (UTC)
I am SO with you on this. I don't mind sci-fi action stuff as long as it isn't TOO gory. I actually like the Alien movies, even though I feel tense when I watch them.

But I can't stand (or relate to people being okay with) movies about sick people who want to hurt others. UGH.
Oct. 20th, 2014 03:33 pm (UTC)
I helped the Hub battle down the Evil Cancer Monster this weekend. With any luck that demon will be reduced to nada in just three more treatments! Yay!
I love haunted houses, gross stuff and scary movies. Bring on the ghosts! LOL

The thing that scares me the most besides the Evil Cancer Demon is fire. Not sure why but fire freaks me. I cannot use matches or a Bic lighter. Only a long lighter for grills.
Oct. 20th, 2014 03:58 pm (UTC)
I went to a haunted house in Pattaya, Thailand where I was chased by a chainsaw wielding actor. I was so not prepared for it, and I would not do it again. But I've been discovering the San Francisco Bay Area has a few scary themed places that I've been sharing with pixiebelle as things she could do up here, or we could do together, when she comes to visit. I can't stomach too much horror myself. Films and tame haunted houses are usually as much as I can handle. But I'm looking forward to taking my kids trick-or-treating for the first time ever, and I've been enjoying the Halloween decorations on our street.
Oct. 20th, 2014 04:09 pm (UTC)
I wish I could make it up there before Halloween because that would be fun :)

I discovered I liked haunted houses about three years ago at the Queen Mary. I screamed at every little thing, but I loved it. Then we went to Knott's Scary Farm and I discovered a spine apparently. It wasn't that scary. We've been to a few, including one that touts itself as one of the scariest in the country (I highly doubt that now that I've heard about some like Blackout here in L.A).

Would love to go to Halloween Horror Nights one year, but there are others I'm more interested in like this one: http://www.enterdelusion.com though last year's theme sounded more interesting than this one.

I love being scared obviously.
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Oct. 20th, 2014 04:28 pm (UTC)
I guess I should also add that I appreciated the support of people who commented on my deidrewilliams entries, and voted for me. My husband didn't want me playing this season because he thought I wouldn't have time for it what with us moving from Malaysia to California. And to some extent he was right - I agreed that I wouldn't have time to play as I have in the past, reading other entries, and commenting and interacting. I felt bad about that, but I still wanted to play. I still wanted to write. But that got difficult, too, both before the move, because my social life got so packed, especially when I really made better connections with people I knew there, and after, with fixing up our new house, dealing with mental health issues, and building a new social life here. But I'm glad I was still able to write a bit, and intersect with belgatherial, my partner at Solarwyrm, after she brought me back into the game. I played under an alt primarily because I knew I couldn't be my usual online social self when I've played in the past, but also because I didn't tell my husband I was playing.

And now I'm regularly doing improv classes, and going out to a lot of things, so it's probably a good thing I can no longer get back in, since I really just do not have time for it. ;)

Those who know me and who follow this journal probably would've figured out that it was me playing under that name, given some of the things I wrote about when I came back in. I wasn't doing much to hide by the end. ;)

Edited at 2014-10-20 04:30 pm (UTC)
Oct. 20th, 2014 04:55 pm (UTC)
I did not know that was you, and the entries were a completely different flavor from what you've written under your regular username, so I think that's all to the good! You're still stretching yourself. :D
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Oct. 20th, 2014 04:47 pm (UTC)
We started looking at fixtures for a bathroom remodel. I can't express on how many levels that's scary.

Have also started having dreams in French. I think. I dream I'm speaking in French (j'ai reve' que j'ai parle' en Francais), but I don't know if, in the dream, I'm speaking it or simply dreaming it. (A bit easier: when we switch to Chinese. I know for a fact that I don't speak Mandarin, no matter how much sense it makes at the time.)
Oct. 20th, 2014 06:52 pm (UTC)
My weekend sucked. I got depressed and spent the week laying around in a sulk instead of studying for my physics exam tomorrow or doing my homework. I won't know how to do most of the problems on my exam. It's okay - if I work hard I can get caught up tonight and tomorrow afternoon, I didn't miss much.

I love the cinema, but I find horror movies uninteresting. I don't really get scared or disgusted by movies, so the genre is boring to me. If they have some other point, they can be interesting films. You have movies like Green Elephant and A Serbian Film which have points to make (I like Green Elephant in particular quite a lot) and you have psychological horror, that kind of thing. Pure horror I just don't understand. I have to watch Halloween for a movie review site I'm writing for. I saw it when I was a kid. It was so boring. I don't want to do it. I'm just going to spend the entire review complaining about slut-shaming anyway. *whines* I remember it had interesting set design, though.

Having said that, I love horror video games. So much. You're not bound by time constraints, methods of conveying information, or even the laws of physics, so you can do things that are really rich and interesting if you want, and a lot of titles want to move you emotionally and make you think aside from scaring the shit out of you. I think they're scarier, too, I can get into them like I can't with movies. (Outlast is kicking my ass right now. And I still haven't finished Five Nights at Freddy's.)
Oct. 20th, 2014 07:23 pm (UTC)
I might have been walking around with a fractured wrist for the past week or so. We'll find out when I see orthopedic doc tomorrow morning :p
Oct. 20th, 2014 08:04 pm (UTC)
I received a gift of some LJ tokens. I'm going to try an experiment this week in "promoting" to the poll via LJ.

I can't do the entire duration of the poll, but it will be interesting to see if anyone actually reads the LJ Home Page or not!

Oct. 20th, 2014 08:32 pm (UTC)
Oy. I wish I'd known that before I posted my entry! :p
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Oct. 20th, 2014 10:54 pm (UTC)
I was AFK all weekend at an SCA event. But I think I squeaked my entry in, just in time.
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