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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 5

How was your weekend?

Mine was OK. I took a trip to Keene, NH to go to a pumpkin festival and catch up with some old friends!

Fun times were had by all. If "all" means myself and my friends!


In reality, we ended up changing plans nearly completely from the original "maybe sitting around the house" to "we're going to Universal" for the day, which turned into going to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

One thing you should know about me - if you don't already - I don't "do scary". I just don't.

You might be able to get me to watch a movie. But there's a pretty good chance that I will be freaked out by it for awhile.

But last night, I ended up being surrounded by masked chainsaw wielding maniacs.

And I was OK with it.

I didn't go into any of the haunted houses (not ready for that!!), but I was in the scare zones and what I found was that I was more disturbed by the "Purge" area than I was any of the other ones. Monsters are apparently OK with me - it's when people put on masks and start hunting other folks for sport, apparently that line between "actors pretending and the real thing" is a little too close! ;)

What about you? Not just "what did you do this weekend" but also the bigger question of "What sort of scary stuff are you into/how far can it go before it's not fun anymore?"


For those in the main competition, your deadline is TONIGHT:

For those in Last Chance, it's Tomorrow:

For those not in either, that's why we have the Home Game!
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