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Last Chance Idol - Results Week 3

There are some times when things just work themselves out.

I had announced that there would be eliminations. But then, due to circumstances, I canceled those. But I still said that I would be giving people the opportunity to move up.

I also mentioned that due to this, Last Chance would probably be going on for a little longer. It was an act of mercy in a time where there seems to be a shortage.

However, the voters gave me a completely unexpected opportunity.

A chance to keep the numbers where they "should" be in LCI, while doing an act of unprecedented kindness.

They gave us a decent sized tie. If I said "everyone in the tie stays where they are", we would only have 3 people with the chance to move forward. if I said "everyone in the tie can move forward" we would have 9 who were eligible. Which was the same number we could have been losing from LCI regardless!

So you know what - I'm going with the latter.

The contestants who have 24 hours to let me know - at - if they want to move up into the main competition FOR WEEK 25 (entry due this Monday) are

cheshire23 - (confirmed, moving to main competition)
ellison (confirmed, moving to main competition)
emo_snal (confirmed, staying in LCI)
impoetry (default, moving to main competition)
labelleizzy (confirmed, moving to main competition)
malinaldarose (confirmed, moving to main competition)
sarcasmoqueen (confirmed, moving to main competition)
strryeyedgrrl (confirmed, moving to main competition)
witches (confirmed, moving to main competition)

As always, if you DON'T tell me anything, the default is that you WILL move into the main competition.

Tags: eliminations, last chance idol, season 9, week 3

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