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Green Room - Week 25 - Day 2

I don't game. At all. I do sometimes enjoy watching other people game. When I'm really bored and I happen to be hanging out with someone into gaming.

No real interest.

But for some reason I've been finding myself continually sucked into the rabbit hole that is "#GamerGate", especially now with more death threats coming toward people who have spoke up against the shitty way women are treated in the gaming community.

What interests me is that every time you peel back a layer, and think you have a good understanding of what is happening - someone says something and throws you into an entirely different area. Maybe *this* is the game that I can get into: Following complete meltdowns of fandom groups.

I'm pretty much convinced that half of the gamer community are horrible human beings and the other half are horrible Canadians (or something called a "Canadian-American")

Which did remind me of the sheer number of "social justice" bloggers that I know, out there, who are Canadian - and once again have the urge to tell them to get off my lawn! No one asked you Canuck!! :P

(or maybe it's the long-standing stereotype that Canadians are "extra nice" that is just coming out to the forefront and ruining the quality of meanness and inequality that the rest of the world cherishes for everyone!)


Those were the things that I was concentrated on for most of the day yesterday. Until the news hit.

Those of you who know shay_writes know how awesome she is, and how she has been a member and supporter of this community for years. (I think Season 3 was her first. It may have been 2 though) Even when she doesn't play, she's usually out there cheering from the sideline.

Life has been rough lately, but it just got even worse.

I don't have many details - and I'm probably saying too much already, but her 3 year old grand daughter Naomi died today after falling down stairs a few hours earlier. (yesterday by the time I post this)

If you are religious - prayers would be appreciated. If you are not - good thoughts toward those left behind in the devastation never hurt.

Shay is one of us. I'm not sure what, if anything, we can do for her. But if anyone hears anything - other than just keeping the family in our hearts, please let me know.

That, and hug the people you love, and let them know how much they matter to you. No matter how old or young they are. Because you never know just how much time you are going to have left with them. Cherish it.


All of that said - I'm still trying to run this thing that Shay loves. And I would be remiss if I didn't post a link to the poll:

That said, I can't eliminate anyone this week. My heart just went out of me. We are still giving people the chance to advance. But no one is leaving us from that "Last Chance" poll.

I'll make up for it a little later. Just not today. I just can't do it today.

I forgot to link these things. So here they are: A new topic:
and a Work Room:
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