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Results - Week 24


I logged on tonight just in time to see what I "thought was going to happen" change. Not all of it. But even that shifted quite a bit to the point where I wasn't completely sure where the momentum was going to end up going.

When it comes to such a talented group of writers, I'm not at all surprised at how close the voting has been. I imagine that it is only going to get even more so as we move closer to the end.

Unfortunately though, part of moving forward is saying goodbye to some people - people who have been absolutely fantastic to have along for this ride, and I hope we will continue to see in the Home Game, and cheering for their favorites!

Today, we are losing:

walkertxkitty from Redemption

and from the main tribe
beeker121, mac_arthur_park and shimmerdream

I didn't even realize, until I was typing the names, that all of them are veterans. Which is either a testament to how awesome our veterans are, that there are so many of them left at this point. Or a testament to how awesome our newbies are... possibly both!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 24
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