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Green Room - Week 24 - Weekend Edition

Have you noticed that those "hilarious video of scaring strangers around Halloween" never seem to be taking place in areas with Stand Your Ground laws on the books?

It's probably just a coincidence. ;)

If it's not, maybe they can start marketing that as a selling point of that extremely controversial law - that no one will be stupid enough to try to "prank" you if you pass a law that gives you the go-ahead to shoot!

I've been a few videos making the rounds lately that make me glad that I wasn't in that situation, and wasn't armed... because the results wouldn't have been pretty! ;)


Speaking of results - and how pretty they are - there is a poll going on right now. YOU get to decide how pretty, or hideously ugly these results are going to be! That's right YOU! The person reading this. No one has ever trusted you decide anything in your life before... or at least not since "that time"... but this isn't "the incident"... that's in the past, just like your therapist has been telling you! This time, you can make it right! This time you can vote to save your favorites and keep them in the competition! That sounds good now doesn't it?

There is also a Last Chance topic out there to write on: a Work Room: and a Home Game thread, for those wanting to play:

What fun do you have planned for your weekend?
Tags: green room, season 9, week 24, weekend edition

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