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Green Room - Week 24 - Day 4

Jan Hooks died yesterday.

There are a lot of people talking about it, but honestly, not enough.

Of her class of Saturday Night Live, people tend to look at a Phil Hartman and point out (accurately) that he was one of those people who didn't steal the scene, he made them happen. He was the glue that held them together, with solid, understated, performances.

Jan Hooks was the same way.

The fact that the two of them got to be on together just made the show that much stronger.

Her work, in general, tends to be underestimated when people are looking for flashy comedians. She didn't make many waves, but she gave some fantastic performances.

If you haven't seen any of her old SNL stuff, it's time to go to Youtube and check it out. If you have - go refresh your memory.


Last night was BUSY. There are a ton of links to share:

The top priority, of course, is that the MAIN COMPETITION is having a poll. It's happening *right now*. Some fantastic work out there - go discover it!

Last Chance had their own poll, but that came to an end last night, with some people moving forward, and others being eliminated:

They also have a Topic: and a Work Room:

We also had TWO people reach the 100 Weeks Survived Mark! and
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