clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Work Room (LCI) - Week 3

Welcome to the Work Room.

For some of you, from Last Chance Idol, you've never been here before. For others, it's old hat.

But here in this space, you are all in the same boat. Hopefully people in the main competition will come in as well (as I hope LCIers will show up in their Work Rooms as well) to give advice and bounce ideas with you.

That's what this space is all about. To help you figure things out.

Your topic has just been posted:

You are in a unique spot. You're in the competition, and yet staring in for just outside of the action. Like you have been unstuck in time. As LCI progresses, some will be eliminated and others will have a shot at moving up to "The Show". When you do that involves some strategy and relying on your instincts of when you want to jump into that pool to swim with the sharks.


Where is your head at with the topic?

What do you want to avoid?

What do your feel are your strengths as a writer, and most importantly, how are you using your time in LCI to give yourself a spotlight to catapult you to success within the main competition once you get there?
Tags: last chance idol, season 9, week 3, work room
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