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Last Chance Idol Results - Week 2

Unlike most Idol polls, with Last Chance, I have the opportunity to give some good news while I am handing out the bad. Some people are leaving LCI because they are being given the opportunity to move to the main competition - and some are being sent to the Home Game.

Because of this, I'm going to handle the eliminations first. It's bad news. But with a talented bunch like this, it's always going to be bad news.

There were supposed to be 3 contestants leaving this week, but there was a tie for that final spot. Under the circumstances, I'm NOT going to start Redemption this week though. So we are only losing two.

The people leaving this week are: boyfrond and deidrewilliams

I didn't expect to see either leaving so soon. :( But I hope that we will continue to see them in the Home Game.


Now the good news - there are 5 people who are eligible to "move up" to the main competition, as of Week 25. I say eligible because, if they wish, they can choose NOT to do so and stay in LCI for a little longer. But they have to email me at within 24 hours to let me know. If I do not receive notification, I will assume you are moving up.

Those eligible are:
alephz, crisp_sobriety, medleymisty, n3m3sis43 and rattsu

Congratulations - and let me know your intentions!
Tags: eliminations, last chance idol, season 9, week 2
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