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Green Room - Week 22 - Birthday Eve - Weekend Edition

Tomorrow is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

As usual, people have been asking me "Gary, what do you want for your birthday?" and I have been saying "voices in my head/invisible people who hound me - just tell me Happy Birthday".

Which of course is total lie. Because, there are some things I want:

(1) My Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the local team, the Tampa Bay Bucs, tomorrow. I would like the Steelers to win. If you can somehow arrange that, major thumbs up.

(2) That thing that has been hanging over my head is still there until Oct 2nd, at which time I will find out if it is going to drop on my head or disappear. If you want throw some good thoughts toward it disappearing - that would also be appreciated.

(3) Idol related - I want this post to have at least 100 comments. :)

(4) Those of you who are eligible to vote this week: do so!

(5) Have people sign up for Last Chance Idol! and submit their entries: for Week 1.

(6) If you have the interest, and the means to do so, become an Idol Patron!

(7) If you feel like getting yourself a little something special at Amazon, do so through the Idol Store link: (there is a ton of Idol-related stuff in there, plus you can click-thru to your regular shopping)

(8) You can find my wishlist at Amazon by searching for :) (seriously though, I'm just throwing it out there to be funny. Unless of course you're serious. :P)

(9) I'm serious about that at least 100 comments thing.

What are YOU doing this weekend to celebrate my birthday?
Tags: green room, season 9, week 22, weekend edition
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