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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 8

It's the day before my birthday weekend officially starts!

Still waiting for some good news. Well, I'm waiting and I'm *hoping* that it will end up being good. Although I'm doubting it. So if you can send me some good vibes, I'd really appreciate it.

As for the rest of you still in the competition, or signing up for Last Chance, last night I revealed that this week's vote is CONTESTANT ONLY so hopefully you are busy reading and getting those votes into me.

There were some questions scattered about, so I'll try to bring them all into one place, to make it easier:

How many people can I vote for? As many, or few, as you want.

How should I send in the votes? You want my ideal ballot - ok...As a list of names in alphabetical order. No numbers or links or anything other than the name. The body of the text works best -Not as an attachment.

I sent in my votes - how do I know if they are received? I will send you an email when they are officially received and recorded.

How do I know if I am eligible for vote this round? Are you a current contestant? Yes? Then you can vote.

Have you been eliminated and not brought back into the competition? Yes. You can not vote.

Are you someone who is just observing, but not in the competition? Yes. You can not vote.

Are you someone who has signed up for Last Chance Idol and completed/linked your first entry by the deadline? Yes: You can vote. No: You can not vote.

Are you a monster who lives under people's beds? I'll consider allowing you vote if you could do me a couple favors! ;)

Should I write something for Last Chance Idol? The main competition vote ends 24 hours before the deadline for Last Chance sign-ups/first entry due. If you really think you are in danger - sign up for Last Chance. If you don't - don't, and then if you are voted out, writing something! If nothing else, writing the entry gives you something to Home Game while you wait!

How do I tell if I need to do something or if it's Last Chance Idol/the other way around? I mark things "Last Chance Idol" if they are for that. If I don't mark it that way, it's for the main competition.

I want to sign up for Last Chance Idol - where do I do that?

Where do I find out what the first topic is?

I have ideas and want to talk to someone about them - Where do I find the Last Chance Idol Work Room?

How will we know who goes from Last Chance Idol to the main competition? I will tell you.

What if I have a question that is not covered in this? Ask.

If you had two pieces of information to give to people, what would they be?

(1) You are going to be the winner of LJ Idol Season 9, you can do this!
(2) I am lying to everyone except one person. ;)
Tags: day 08, green room, season 9, week 22
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