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Results - Week 20

I nearly decided that since Week 20 and 21 were nested, that I should post it all as one big post - the end of one poll and the start of the other. But, that wouldn't be fair.

People worked hard and put out incredible work in Week 20, I know it was difficult for people to reach any sort of decision at all - and the one that was reached is always going to end up hurting when that bandaid is peeled back.

Today we are losing two members of the Redemption Tribe, who definitely went down swinging:

aimercat and ravenshrinkery

We are also losing four from the main tribe.

tjatorra sacrificed this week due to that damnable "Real Life" thing that I keep hearing about. So that means three are coming from the poll itself. They are:

az_starshine and grail76 with a 6-way tie for that final spot, meaning that they will be going to the Redemption Tribe to fight it out.

Thank you to all of you for coming out, and I hope that you will jump back on in the very near future for a shot at getting back into the game, coming very, very soon!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 20
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