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Green Room - Week 21 - Weekend Edition

I'm glad that you guys are behaving this week. Otherwise I'd have to tell you to go find me a switch!

Given that it's the weekend, I'm sure that the line between those who have heard the Adrian Peterson news and those who haven't is probably tipping over into the line of "haven't".

There are going to be plenty of discussions in the coming days and weeks about the actual case. (Unless there is something else that comes down the news pipeline before this one can take hold in the public dialogue) Heck, *actual details* are probably going to emerge in the actual case. (there is already some out there, but I'm sure there will be more)

It's been interesting seeing the responses online to this already though - there seems to be a line between those who believe all corporal punishment is child abuse and those who think that they spanking is a valid form of discipline.

I've definitely lived through both - and never really viewed "get the paddle"/"belt"/"switch" (I don't recall ever being hit with a wooden spoon. Although apparently my Grandmother was known for it) the same as the times I was punched or thrown across the room. In my particular case, those always seemed to be coming from different places.

Then again, is that the "cycle of violence"? Or IS there a difference and a line between the two?

and with that, I will link to my own form of abuse: The poll that is currently open:

The new topic: and the Work Room that goes with it:

But it's only because I love you!*

(*Note: Not really)
Tags: day 02, green room, week 21
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