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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 10

Maybe you saw it.

But then again, maybe you didn't.

In yesterday's Green Room, I offered a deal. People have been asking me for more time.

They think that this week's entries are exceptional - and they want to have more time to read them. They want to have more time to tell their friends to get off their butts and read them. Because they think this week is a testament to just how damn good the writers in Season 9 of LJ Idol are.

Well, that's not how any of them put it. But that's what *I* thought when I read them.

I thought "this is what I was talking about when I've mentioned how much potential I saw" and (of course) "this is why I love intersections!"

I almost offered more time when I posted the poll itself. I actually wrote a different time, before checking it against "The Schedule" and realized that I couldn't afford to do that.

But people have asked me for more... and that got me thinking.

There is something *you* want, and something *I* want... and our interests can coincide!

People want more time to vote in the poll:

I can give you that... for a price, and under my terms.

I'm putting this week's poll on a pressure plate.

To make it easier on you, I'm going to paraphrase the film "Speed" here:

I want active Green Rooms.

You can give that to me.

If THIS Green Room has 100 comments or more by 5pm EDT. (Thursday, before the current deadline) the poll closure deadline is moved back one day.

If the following day (Friday) has a Green Room with a 100 or more comments, it moves back until MONDAY. Monday... until Tuesday.

Tuesday, regardless of how many comments we get, the bomb goes off and people go home...

I will also be nesting the Week 21 topic into this mix. It will be coming tomorrow, regardless!

So, you - the Idol community need to decide how much time you want for finish reading entries, and what you want to say in order to make that happen! :)

I think it's a more than fair deal. Everyone wins!

Hopefully you do as well.
Tags: day 10, green room, season 9, week 20
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