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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 7

In yesterday's Steelers game against the Browns, there was a punt return where the guy was about to break free for a touchdown. He saw the way open with only one guy in front of him.

He could have adjusted and gone around him. He could have lowered his shoulder and went through him. Instead, he jumped up and tried to go over him.

Which ended up being the wrong thing to do - given that his foot ended up in the guy's face.

The internet, of course, exploded with Karate Kid and "This is Sparta" memes.

I don't mention this because I suspect that the people reading this have developed some sort of lasting love of American football.

I'm thinking more along the lines of what you are doing right now - you are looking down the field, trying to see what is between you and the end.

Maybe you are going to be tackled, maybe you are going figure out how to break free into the open field and go all the way for a touchdown.

Just don't get too cocky and think you can jump over a guy.

That may not end well.


The deadline for the topic is TOMORROW: so make sure you have your entries in!
Tags: day 07, green room, season 9, week 20
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