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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 3

I've been checking out the Yearbook feature over at for the past couple of days.

They have been scanning actual yearbooks into their site. Currently, they only have my freshman year.

It's strange to look at because I never actually owned any of my yearbooks. If I had asked, I'm sure my Mom would have bought one for me. Maybe. But I knew not to ask.

I had a Year Bag though!

Everyone else has having people sign something, so I took a brown paper bag, cut it open so I could fold it out flat and had people sign that!

I actually still have those, although I haven't looked at them in years. Maybe now that I have pictures to compare with names, I will.

I doubt it though, because the more that I look at the book, the more I've convinced that maybe I went to another school. Or maybe they were wiped out of my mind by some sort of alien abduction - or perhaps I just wasn't paying attention!

A few of them I go "Oh yeah, I am aware of the existence of that person". But only in the vaguest sense.

The few that I recall, I'm pretty much still friends with - the rest? Not so much.

There are also a few that I seem to remember being friends with, but then also recall *not* being friends with them anymore! I wonder what happened. Was I a jerk to them? Were they a jerk to me? Was it just one of those things with people moving in different directions? I'm really not sure - I'm curious, but I don't think I'm curious enough to actually try to find out!


One thing that I *do* want to find out though is I want to see what you guys are up to with the topic:
as well as the discussion *about* the topics:
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