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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 2

I was in the middle of writing one post about the internet and the idea of privacy when I stopped and said "I really don't feel like saying that today".

So I started a totally different one, about Eeyore and depression, based on another conversation I was having earlier.

Then I was on my facebook feed and saw something that *does* hit me personally. It's something that I actually care about in a way that pretty much no one else does.

"Did I stutter?" is something that people say without really stopping to think about what they are actually saying.

If you made a comment about someone's color, religion, weight, pretty much everything else, you would see all hell raining down on you. For good reason.

Make a comment that says that people's inability to process information and think clearly is the same as someone having difficulty speaking? You get a lot of LOLs.

A friend reposted that photo above and I had to explain it to her. Once I did, she "got it". But it took me actually "virtually sitting her down" to talk about why it wasn't OK.

There are days when it feels like the last thing that people are able to mock. (I know there are others in the same boat. But they also have their advocates. Perhaps ours are talking, just no one can understand them! ;) )

Seriously though. I beat this issue like the dead horse that it should be. (And damnit, who is speaking out against people killing horses and then continuing to beat on them!!!)
I know it gets old.

But it gets even older having to have that conversation.

If everyone has it though, about the stuff that *they* care about, maybe things can change, one person at a time.


One thing that *won't* change is that the new topic is up: and that people continue to discuss finding intersection partners in the Work Room:
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