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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 1

If you hand a 9-year old a loaded Uzi, is it a "reasonable assumption" that sooner or later, you are going to end up dead?

What about other loaded weapons in the hands of irresponsible adults?

Adults you didn't know at the time were as irresponsible as they turned out to be?

Exactly where is that line between "the person who shot should know better" and "I should have never handed them the gun"?

Is there a level of personal responsibility for putting your own life at risk and if so, where is the line? How about when you stay in your home during a hurricane evacuation?

Does the responsibility rest in the hands of the shooter? Is there a point where that shooter is too young to have "known better" and if so, what is that point?

Do gun owners deserve to not have guns used as an analogy every time you want to talk about other things?

This seems to be an evolving dialogue, with those "old benchmarks" continuing to be examined and changed. Part of that is good, people should always be taking a good hard look at themselves and their culture. Part of it is also ends up confusing, as groups of people grow more apart based upon where they fall in their answers.

Hopefully, at the end of the day, it's conversations about what matters to us, and why, that end up bringing people closer together and questioning the "why" things matter, and what to do as a culture to make things better.


Not sure any of that made sense - but one thing that *does* make sense is that I have a bunch of links to post for you!

We had eliminations last night:
We also had a new topic, with a twist!
and a Work Room for people to find a partner for the first Intersection of Season 9!

One of your fellow contestants put together something to help you out. It's unofficial, but it's there for anyone who needs it:
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