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Results - Week 19

We come to the end of another week here at Casa de Idol, and once again need to say goodbye to a mix of old and new friends.

It doesn't get any easier. However, now that it's September, we had least have the knowledge that Second Chance will be opening up in the near future.

Most people know that the great monkeysugarmama sacrificed this week. So that's one less person on the main tribe who has to worry. In fact, her sacrifice ends up creating a tie. More on that in a moment.

For the Redemption Tribe - we are losing two: miintikwa and uncawes

In the main tribe, we were scheduled to lose three, but because of the sacrifice, that number goes down to two.

kajel and ryl are tied, so neither of them will be eliminated, thanks to that sacrifice. They will join the Redemption Tribe next week.

However, that still leaves one - and the great deza is the one who will be leaving us.

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and I hope that you will Home Game until the Second Chance opens, and you will throw your hat in for one last grasp at the ring!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 19
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