clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 17 - Day 7

It's funny. You start going back to look at archives and everything starts flooding back. All the emotions and stuff you remember but don't really REMEMBER. (If that makes any sense)

You start missing people - and wishing that you had better aim to actually *hit* some of those people. ;)

You start thinking about them - and some of the ones that you wish were gone forever start popping back up on your radar, back to their old tricks.

Which is when you remember that if you think too hard about some things, it's like Beetlejuice - they will appear, ready to cause havoc again.

Ah, life...


It could be worse though. We could be in Ferguson Missouri.

If anyone is out there, or has friends and family there: We are thinking of you right now.


The other thing we are thinking about is awkward transitions.

Like the one you have when you go from talking about something really serious to the fact that the poll closes tonight!

Which is also very serious. But in a different way!!

So make sure to get your votes in!
Tags: day 07, green room, season 9, week 17
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