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Green Room - Week 17 - Day 5

Tragedy is a funhouse mirror.

When something bad happens, they tend to look into it and see a distorted version of whatever it is they expect to see.

When a gun is involved, people will rush to the "see how dangerous guns are!" or "if only everyone else was armed!" depending on what side they already were on.

When it's suicide, they look for answers and talk about how more needs to be done about depression, or drug abuse or whatever it is that has personally impacted their own life. It's part of how people relate to the bigger world around them - by filtering it through what they know, and make things a little bit better by raising the dialogue on something they already care about in hopes that the attention will make even one more person stop to listen.


Real life tends to be complicated.

There are people who you admire in one aspect of their lives and really don't like other parts.

You may go back and forth, depending on what is going on - and what you are seeing from them at the moment.

Your favorite author releases a new book - you may run to get it. They start saying things that are racist or sexist... you may have a different opinion about them.

We've certainly had that discussion here - what do you do if one of your favorite authors has personal views/does something that you abhor?

For that matter - what if one of your favorites is a known plagiarist, lifting material from other people? Does that impact how you feel about other work that they do, where they *aren't* doing that? (like maybe they are plagiarize a series of books, but are also known for their charity work - can you separate those two people? Or does your opinion of one area shape the entire view of them?


If there is one thing in life that everyone can agree on though, and see in the same exact light, it's that the deadline for Idol entries is TONIGHT! So make sure to get yours in!
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