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Green Room - Week 17 - Weekend Edition

When I got home last night, I saw two small wasp nest in the alcove just outside the front door.

So I went out with the spray to get rid of them.

I sprayed and then backed way off for a few minutes.

But I still had to get back in the front door, so I took a step forward and saw that there was a wasp that had fallen to the ground, but wasn't dead yet.

I stepped on it to put it out of it's misery.

Then another one started to fly, and crashed into the ground a little bit away. I went to step on that one was well.

I glanced back up to the nest, but the other three were gone. I looked at the ground underneath but they weren't there either.

So I stepped back and tried to locate them.

That's when I felt something crawling on me. I looked over and one of the wasps was on the back of my shirt. As I was shaking him off, the other two, who had gotten under my shirt, stung me.

I had gotten cocky, and paid for it. By taking my eye off the objective and letting myself think that I was in more control than I actually was of the situation, I ended up getting stung.


The Idol topic is up now: as well as a Work Room:

How are YOU going to keep your eyes on your personal objectives for being in Idol, and not allow yourself to get distracted?
Tags: green room, season 9, week 17, weekend edition
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