clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Results - Week 15

It's time for the worst part of the week - saying goodbye.


are leaving us from Tribe 1. Two well respected veterans leaving us far earlier than I would have predicted.

From Tribe 2 we have something slightly different:

Because dreamsreflected was one of the people who would have been eliminated. Except that she was the one who received BOUNCING IMMUNITY from roina_arwen this week! Which means that she is safe, and now that has been used, that immunity is gone from the game.

Which means that leaving us this week is our favorite time traveling T-Rex octavian_trex

and that crimsonplum and Heather Hambel Curley will be forming a new Redemption Tribe where they will be facing off next week.

Thank you to everyone who is leaving us this week. I hope to see you in the Home Game, and that you will be throwing your hat into the ring for a Second Chance!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 15

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