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I said from the start of the season that there would be a point in mid-to-late July that we would pause for a commercial break.

So here it is: LJ IDOL!

or, if you want to give on a monthly basis:

Obviously, you don't have to give at all. Not going to impact anyone either positively or negatively within the game itself. But this is a commercial break, so there goes that hat! All proceeds go toward my wedding fund! :) (some people have a second job, I'm already working one!)

Another good way to give back, in a non-financial way, is to spread the word about Idol to the masses, and continue to create a supportive environment around here. (Until of course I hunt you down and eliminate all of you, except one!)

As for "What is going to be happening?" I had a lot of options.

The one that I am going with though is to proceed to Week 15, but give you an extended deadline.

The new topic will be posted tomorrow.

I may have limited access over the next week. I'll still be popping in - but my assistant is coming out of the shadows and will be posting Green Rooms/keeping this madhouse in line/banning people left and right. (for those who don't remember kithan or never met her, her wanting to ban everyone to end the season earlier is a running joke. Or rather "joke". :D)

So be nice to her!
Tags: break, season 9
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