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Vote - Week 14

Before the vote gets started, we are already losing some talented folks:

Dropping this week are:
catwomon and boyfrond

Bye-ing out this week are:

dakotawitch, and Season 3 Winner welfy

There is also one complete hack, who I'm really excited to be able to eliminate:


There are also three sacrifices coming up this week. Which actually is going to be play into things a little differently than usual. Because those are going to be counted toward the 5-10 people who will be leaving this week.

For those who don't know - the reason I say 5-10 is that it depends on where the smallest number of votes fall.

And why should that be a factor? - it's a CONTESTANT ONLY VOTING WEEK!!

This means you will read the entries: and send me a list (by contestant name, I'd really love it if you did it in alphabetical order!) of your 30 favorite entries. Note: You probably want to include your user name somewhere in the email. ;)

(Yes, you CAN include yourself)

Send that list to me at by THURSDAY JULY 17TH AT 8PM EDT. I'm giving you a week to read everything and vote!!! I want you to make sure to pick out your favorites and help nudge us closer to the coveted Top 100!

I WILL allow the people leaving us this week to cast ballots. But other than that, it's current contestants only.

Good luck to everyone!
Tags: season 9, vote, week 14

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