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Green Room - Week 14 - Day 6

I was looking up responses to Darlena's viral hit article (because damnit, it's awesome to see people you know do well. I'm fortunate enough that I've seen this happen with a few people lately - this is just the one that most Idol people would know!) and so typed "Mercedes Food Stamps" into the search engine, figuring that would be a good way of seeing who else was talking about it.

My finger slipped and I wrote "Mercedes Food Stamos".

Damn you John Stamos!!!

Fortunately, no one was discussing him and Mercedes. :)

Until now. This will now pop up. Damn you John Stamos!!!

(Video description: A cat dressed like a shark, riding on a Roomba. A Duck and a dog dressed in a dog costume. A stuffed shark. This is followed by the duck wearing another shark costume and riding the Roomba around. In someone's kitchen. No, you are not having a stroke.)

The deadline for the Topic is tomorrow night:
There is a Work Room, if you still need some extra help:

and a new Killing Floor, if you want to put yourself out there or help some people out by giving some constructive criticism:

I also put the offer out there last night - if you have an Idol spreadsheet, and want me to look it over to make sure everything is accurate (and let's face it, it helps me too! :D) then go ahead and send it to and I'll check it out!
Tags: day 06, green room, season 9, week 14
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