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Green Room - Week 14 - Extended Weekend Edition

Happy Birthday America!

Kind of.

It's more of a "Happy Day We Selected From All the Possible Days To Say Is Your 'Birthday' America", but that's too big to put on a greeting card!

Why am I bringing that up?

During a discussion in yesterday's Green Room, it occurred to me how often it doesn't matter what is actually true, it matters what people *think* is the case!

(In this example, I'm sure the vast majority of people on the street couldn't say exactly what happened today and would go with one of the examples of what *didn't* happen used in that article)

I was specifically referencing a couple Second Amendment cases that have been in the news over the last few months, and the actual facts of the cases ended up being referenced. (In one case, people assume that Stand Your Ground was used - when it was considered openly as a possible defense, but never actually used)

It doesn't matter - because that thought was put in the public's head - it became a SYG case.

Someone is told Target doesn't want you carrying your assault rifles into their stores as part of the "see what we can do" small portion of the Open Carry movement - and suddenly Target is banning concealed weapons and wants to rip the Second Amendment out of the Constitution.

You see it with all kinds of things in the news. Pretty much everything really - how often people don't actually stop to look at facts but react with emotion, and how quickly it becomes something else entirely. Not just in the minds of those reacting - but the more people talk about it, the more that impression ends up getting lodged in the heads of people who are just skimming current events.

Such and such was disappointing.
This shouldn't have happened.

A couple voices, repeating themselves often enough, can end up making an impact. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes not so much.

What your voices "should be" repeating is that the new topic is up:

and there is a discussion going on in the Work Room about re-using and re-tooling entries:

We are also saying goodbye to those who left us with the previous vote:

Even if you're not an American - I hope you have a great weekend! :)

Because none of you are *truly* 'Mericans, and thus can not experience FREEDOM in it's truest form (aka living at my house), which means that all enjoyment is hollow anyway! Enjoy your hollow and ultimately meaningless weekend! :D
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