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Green Room - Week 13 - Day 10

There is a guy named Henry who hangs out at the bus stop.

I know that his name is Henry because someone got out the label maker and put it on his crutches.

He never gets on my bus, but he's always talking to the driver and a couple other regulars, who, on occasion, will go with him across the street and buy him a sandwich.

He's probably in his early 20's and is apparently always going over to his girlfriend's house - which is something that the people who know him well tease him about.

I've noticed him before, but never actually talked to him.

He just wasn't on my radar as anyone other than "that friendly guy".

Today though was a little different. He took something out of his deep pockets and handed it to the driver "In case you need it".

It was a water balloon.

He reached into his other pocket and pulled out two more.

He opened his bag - and the guy was carrying a small arsenal of water balloons!

This guy, walking around on his crutches and eating sandwiches - this guy who was always just nice and friendly, a guy that no one "would ever suspect", was preparing to launch all out war against anyone who bugged him today.

Which of course got me thinking about Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law and hoping that he didn't end up on the wrong end of it.... or Georgia's Don't Ask/Open Carry Everywhere law and how two guys ended up in a tussle at a store on DAY 1 of that being implemented.

What if Henry carried out his "prank" there?

Heck, what if he got his hands on something a little bigger than a water balloon to take care of anyone who "bugged" him?

There are certainly people like that.


There are also people like those found in this week's poll:

People who need your vote to avoid going home tonight!
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