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Green Room - Week 13 - Day 1

We have the usual Day 1 recap of the previous evenings events!

There were results - but no eliminations. Instead, there were two people selected to receive special powers.

Both of them have contacted me now - and I can tell you that

mistearyusdiva2 now have two extra byes
missbinary is now in possession of the Black Mark!

The new topic was released:
and there was a Work Room posted for people to talk it out:


In other parts of the internet, there was also the reveal that the "kid kicked out of KFC" didn't actually happen.

I'm hoping for a story soon about how the guy in Texas who was told that hanging his American Flag on the railing of his apartment complex was "offensive to Muslims" didn't actually happen either. (The details there were even more fishy than the KFC ones)

That didn't stop people from rallying to either cause, contacting the businesses involved and raising a fuss over it.

Saying "If this is true, it's horrible" is one thing. The people who made threats over things like this need a lesson in perspective. The former are at least open to the idea that they don't have the information. The latter assume that they know everything and want vengeance. Usually because it has reinforced their idea of "how things are".

Personally, I think there are people who miss the ideas of lynch mobs, and anything they can use as an excuse to go after someone, they will latch onto it.
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