clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 12 - Day 1

Hey internet, come here...

No, seriously, come here. We need to talk.

This isn't anything new, but apparently you didn't listen last time, so I need to say it again.

I know that World Cup Soccer is going on. I know there's Basketball, and the Stanley Cup. I get that NFL training camps will be starting soon and Baseball is happening.

I get that you are having flashbacks to high school and being shoved into a locker.

But internet, you know I like you - this ISN'T A NERD-OFF.

If *I* were to comment to every single thing posted that I don't give a shit about, it would take up my entire day.

Yet that doesn't seem to stop people from making post after post about how they "don't care about sports" or "wish people would stop talking about sports".

Guess what internet - SOME PEOPLE LIKE SPORTS.

Just like some people like My Little Pony or whatever book or show or #hashtagwar that is going on right now.

Part of being a geek is finding something you love and embracing it.

There are sports geeks. Spend enough time talking to folks and they definitely come out of the woodwork, having enough facts and figures to deaden your brain - much like you were talking to someone about anything else that they are a little too passionate about. ;)

But for some reason - people seem to be under the impression "If so many people weren't focused on sports - they would be giving money to THIS THING THAT *I* CARE ABOUT!" Which is pretty damn silly - because, no, they wouldn't be. If they wanted to give money, or attention to that, they would be.

Some people just like sports.

Some people don't.

That's cool. Diversity of opinion! Yay!

But unless YOU want people commenting to everything YOU love - and telling you how stupid you are for loving it, maybe you need to take a step back for a moment and consider that maybe there are better things to be doing than attempting to be superior, while coming off looking like you are just reliving some 80s High School Movie plot.

Maybe you can post some more cat pictures.


In other news - yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Real Killer's (tm) escape from justice!

I'm old enough to remember the OJ trial, and being captivated by the White Bronco "chase" down the highway.

Meanwhile the Real Killer (tm) is still out there somewhere. Perhaps it's like Twin Peaks, and he is jumping from body to body... committing crimes!


Speaking of crimes - the results came in last night:

So did the new topic:

and a Work Room:
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