clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Results - Week 11

Some weeks the results are predictable.

Other weeks they are completely shocking.

This is a combination of the two.

For instance, we knew that violaconspiracy in Tribe 2 was sacrificing.

It wasn't until last night though that I knew that diagenou was being given the Bouncing immunity from morleysnow. Of course, he already had a personal immunity, so would have been safe regardless. But now he has to hand it off to someone else before Week 12's topic deadline!

There were points when I thought that would end up impacting the results.

But it didn't.

Because witchwife ended up sacrificing as well.

I'm not going to lie. I've already processed the first sacrifice - but this one really cut deep. I had her pegged in Week 1 as someone who - at LEAST - was due to make the Top 10. Maybe even end up in the finals. Of course, I'm rarely right - and that's why you play these things out, because real life has a way of taking down anyone, at any time!

I wasn't sure who was going to leave us from the Redemption Tribe though. Not until the last few minutes. It stayed pretty close through the last 24 hours, going back and forth a little.

In the end though, it is tjoel2 who will be saying goodbye this week.

Although I hope ALL of these three will consider jumping back in when Second Chance opens up, and will continue to play the Home Game until then!

You will most definitely be missed.
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 11
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