clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Week 1 - Gold Star

Yep, it's that time again. Time to hand out the Gold Stars for the week.

I thought last week was hard. I had no idea. I started out with the list of some of the folk that I thought I had shorted last week by not putting on the list, and then I added as the week continued - moved people around - and ended up with a list that has me going "man, I wish I could give them to more people a week!" But I put a rule in place for myself, and so, here we are. Those I bumped are on the list for next week, right now. What will happen then? Who knows. Maybe more people will show up to impress me and I will be staring at the list once again going "man, I should have. . .".

Anyway, the Gold Star Winners for Week 1 of the competition are:

1. emaline412
2. mme_furiosa
3. oh_simple_thing
4. djner
5. rm
6. kittenboo
7. mezzominty
8. belenen
9. monkeysugarmama
10. anchasta
11. tulip_in_yellow
12. rosepurr
13. sideshowbennie
14. superhappytime
15. kelly0182

Thank you so much all of you for your dedication, hard work and just plain in general keeping this thing fun!
Tags: gold star, season 4, week 1

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