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Green Room - Week 11 - Day 2

By this time next year, if everything goes as planned - I will be married.

I mention this because Cynthia was tired last night after a long day of chaperoning "The Final Elementary School Trip" of her daughter, who will entering the terrors of middle school next Fall. So she heard me talking about the "topic discussion" last night, but she really just wanted to go to sleep. (Complete aside - but anyone else going through that "last couple days/end of an era" transition?)

This morning, on our way into work, she asked me "What's going on with that anyway?" She's known that I've been on edge for some time about comments being made, but wanted to talk about this one specifically. I gave her the overview and she then asked, "So what's this horrible topic?"

I told her "Recency Bias"... and she got a "WTF" look on her face and rattled off at least 10 ways that someone could use that as a jumping off point in an entry.

She then reassured me that it was actually a GREAT topic and that people were just frustrated because they were being too literal.

I mention this for three reasons:

(1) To point out - OMG I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

(2) To then give a couple of the examples that she used, in case other people are still stuck.


I have to paraphrase the examples, because she used people and circumstances we personally know:

Someone in a marriage/relationship who is seeing it as falling apart, basing their feelings on what has been going on over the past few weeks/months.

For that matter - someone in that above situation who has had a really *bad* time of it, but if their partner is nice about something for a couple days in a row, they become THE GREATEST EVER

(There were actually a *bunch* of specific relationship stuff mentioned, but I think those two ideas can get you rolling in that direction, if you want to go down that path...)

Kids who get "displaced" when the new baby comes along

The reaction, after a couple topics are posted that you don't like to say "All the topics have sucked!" ;)

The idea that a book/show you just read/saw is now your absolute favorite - until the next one you read/see... ;)

There's a bunch of different ways to go along those lines.

But the "literal" thing struck me, because of what someone was saying last night in the previous Green Room is that it's sort of an Idol tradition that early on, people are "super literal" until they either learn that it doesn't do well and just makes it more difficult on yourself than the process has to be, or they are voted out.

And yes, this post is more of a Work Room kind of thing, but if you want to use the actual Work Room - feel free!

The topic can be found at:

and my love for Cynthia can be found: Everywhere. All the time. Because she's awesome!


As another sidenote to yesterday - here's your assignment. Find someone that you don't usually talk to in Idol (especially a newbie) and say something you really like about their work.

People have a tendency to get in their own echo chambers and don't always come out of them. The diversity of writing, and opinions, is one of the great things about this group. Embrace it!

Who is out there that just plain needs more love and appreciation - ESPECIALLY if you don't usually see them in the Green Room! Let's drag them back in here with LJ tags! :)
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