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Green Room - Week 10 - Extended Weekend Edition Part 2

It's going to be a busy weekend, and I know that I'm probably not going to have time to actually put up a Green Room, so I figured that I'd just start the weekend early!

You're welcome! :)

It's important that I say something today though. Because something came to my attention yesterday, and it's something that I should really address:

Where were you on May 30th 2006?

I know where I was, because my LJ just reminded.

I was finishing up "LJ Fights" (the epic battle where I put people on my friendslist into a steel cage match to the death to determine who was the deadliest!) and posted a poll to help decide what I was going to do next!

One of those ideas was "LJ Idol". I had no idea what it was going to be, it was just a combination of words that sounded cool. There were other things on there that also might have been fun.

But on May 31st 2006, in the morning, I posted that I had figured out HOW TO MAKE LJ IDOL WORK AS A CONCEPT!!!

By that afternoon, I had the sign-up sheet up!

It was a fun little idea, to keep myself amused, that I thought other people would enjoy.

It's still just a bigger version of that.

Hopefully people are continuing to enjoy it through the bumps and bruises/twists and turns over the years! (and yes, even when I "occasionally" make a mistake. Note the corrections in the Voting poll for your spreadsheeting pleasure)

I can't quite recall when I first started ending Topic posts with the words "Have Fun". But that's really what this whole thing has been about.

Hope you are enjoying the journey! (and checking out The Killing Floor!
Tags: green room, season 9, week 10, weekend edition
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