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Special Powers Part 2

Since there is a lot of things going on this week, I figured that this was a good time to sit down and explain what the powers are, and who has them.

(Especially relevant with the Mystery and Pandora's Box, which no one who hasn't looked inside - or been shown knows what was inside of those!)

Some of them are pretty straight forward, and some are just plain fun! :) (for me anyway!)

immunity to give to one person - kate_spencer has that. If you are in danger, she could be your best friend. :)

1 free bye to give to someone else - deza had that. She actually used it this week.

personal immunity - diagenou has that. If he is in danger, he will be safe. (until it is actually used. It's an one-shot deal)

1 free bye for self - kotenok_angel has it. That's pretty self-explanatory.

Here's where we get more involved:

Bouncing immunity - currently possessed by morleysnow, at the end of this week it will be handled off to someone else. No one can possess it more than once. If it is NOT handed off by the topic deadline for a given week, it is out of the game. If it gets to the point that there are no more eligible contestants to possess it, it is out of the game.

Power of Veto - possessed by bleodswean Basically, if they don't like any given tribe's results, they can negate them. It's like a Judge's Save on American Idol, or a Non-elimination week on Amazing Race. Only it's in the hands of one of your fellow contestants!

Resurrection Stone is in the hands of belgatherial It's the power to bring back ONE contestant who is eliminated, giving them an one week immunity in the process.

Mystery Box was given to kathrynrose who had to make the decision between giving every single remaining contestant EXCEPT HERSELF an extra bye OR giving herself two extra byes. She now has two extra byes.

Pandora’s Box - was given to theun4givables who was given the power to bring 0-10 contestants into the game. (She had to decide how many/IF she was going to allow it to happen). I actually gave her an extension until an hour before this poll's deadline, because she told me she wants to bring back the maximum amount, if possible. for details on that.

I will be updating you as the powers are used/past to someone else.
Tags: season 9, special powers, week 10
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