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Work Room - Week 10

There's a lot of information out there tonight, a lot of posts... there was an elimination: followed by a 100 Weeks announcement: and then Special Powers: and then the new Topic itself was posted:

That's a lot to wrap your head around. You need a Mentor this week.

Fortunately, I know just the person!

She's an Idol Veteran and was recently called one of BlogHer's "Recognized Intersectional Feminist Bloggers". Basically, it's a list of "people to watch"/follow, and she is one of them!

Extremely proud of everything she has accomplished, even if it means she completely abandoned us this season! ;P

It's the price of Idol being helpful getting you jump-started. Sometimes you might actually get kicked into gear and end up being successful!

Please welcome back to our shores, the one and only Elizabeth Hawksworth!


Hi all,

My name is Elizabeth Hawksworth, and I was known as milk_and_glass when I played Idol. I came in 5th my first season, and 3rd my second time. Idol really changed my life as a writer, and enabled me to write my two books, “Break for Beauty” and “Lake Effect: Voices of Toronto’s History”.

(Note from Gary, you can find them at and or and on Kindle)

I primarily was known for my historical fiction when I played Idol. Some of my inspirations come from old photographs, first-hand stories, articles, and maps. I also write a lot of articles on body positivity, fat acceptance, feminism, mental health, and other social justice causes. Those can be found on my blog,, and on other places like the Huffington Post and BlogHer.

If you’re into poetry, that’s what my first book, “Break for Beauty”, is all about! I wrote a lot of poetry during Idol and found that it was well-received. My main strategy was to mix up what I wrote while still maintaining a recognizable voice. Nearly every kind of writing genre worked for me, and especially helped when the latter half of the game got underway.

I’m happy to be a mentor this season of Idol – ask away, and I’ll do my best to help!

- Elizabeth
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