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Special Powers

Oh, what do we have here?

Someone left a bag in the middle of Idol Manor, just sitting there for anyone to come pick up. That's not very smart. Who knows what sort of people hang around in this neighborhood!

I better take it and put it somewhere safe.

Or better yet, I'll just hand out whatever is in it to people who were nearly eliminated, but escaped their fate. (Not counting the tie, since that's a special case).

After all, I love an underdog. Maybe there is something in here that can help.

Who is eligible? Let's go to the tape!

We have kotenok_angel, diagenou, deza, kate_spencer and morleysnow

But *counts* there are 9 items in the bag. Hmmm - how about the Top vote-getters in each tribe HAVE TO SELECT SOMEONE, OTHER THAN THEMSELVES OR EACH OTHER, TO RECEIVE the the other four. Yep, that works! malinaldarose, roina_arwen, whipchick and halfshellvenus.

It's first come/first serve.

So email me at and let me know the item(s) you want the most!

You have 24 hours from this post to do so, if you do not or decide to decline the opportunity to pick something, then those next on the eligibility list will be contacted.

What are they?


immunity to give to one person - kate_spencer
1 free bye to give to someone else - deza
bouncing immunity - selected by morleysnow
personal immunity - selected by diagenou
1 free bye for self - selected by kotenok-angel
Power of Veto (ability to veto any one elimination) - selected by halfshellvenus and gives to it bleodswean
Pandora’s Box (will tell you powers if you are receiving this) - selected by roina_arwen, gives it to theun4givables
Mystery Box (will tell you powers if you are receiving this) - selected by whipchick, gives it to kathrynrose
Resurrection Stone: Brings one person back into the game, giving them a one week immunity - selected by malinaldarose, gives it to belgatherial who uses it to bring back ?

Let's have some fun!!
Tags: season 9, special powers, week 10
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