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Results - Week 9

9 weeks into the process, and every time we get to this point, saying goodbye comes a little bit more difficult.

Fortunately, we know that there is a still a way back into the competition, coming down the pike, but that doesn't mean that everyone will be able to do that, or that life won't sideswipe them in the meantime.

And so, you get that gut punch of a moment, when you see a name that you really didn't want to see... and start realize that there really isn't anyone that you *want* to see go either... it's just the nature of the beast that someone will.

This week, those someones are:

vaudy who went into this week writing an entry with the idea that once the poll went up, there would be a sacrifice, so that no one else in Tribe 3 needed to go home. Major style points there, even if I'm really sad that it happened.

kagomeshuko and octavian_trex are also leaving us.

Whereas in the last minute race to the finish that was Tribe 1 aimercat and sobota will be joining the Redemption Tribe.

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to get back in as soon as that opens up! Until then, please Home Game and hang out in the Green Room as we see where the twists and turns are going to take us next!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 9
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