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Green Room - Week 9 - Weekend Edition

AKA - The "Are you SURE" edition.

We've had a lot of drops this season. We've also had a record number of people coming to me after the fact and saying "I made a mistake! Can I come back??" or "I wish that I had used my byes better so that I could still be in!"

Plus, of course the people actually voted out, many of them would like another shot and are just waiting for Second Chance to be announced.

Which has prompted me to say something in public about this - because mistakes happen, and life happens - but if you still have any life kicking in that "playing Idol" desire that beats in the center of your heart, I'd advise to the play to the last possible moment. Because regardless of what comes down the road, this is the last full season of LJ Idol. You aren't going to get an experience quite like this again! There are people hanging on by their fingertips to stay in the fight. Those people inspire me, and make me think that I'm doing a good thing here!

Bailing may seem the only real option you have - and I get that. But I've also seen, and heard from, the number of people who regret doing it. It haunts their dreams and ruins their lives with "what might have been". People have gone into therapy to confront their Idol-less lives and the sheer meaninglessness of existence without it.* (*this may have happened in a dream. But I'm going with it!!!)

The deadline is coming up on Monday - hope to see you there!

If you've already submitted, thank you - now go and read/comment on the other people who have done so as well! Or comment in the Green Room! Yeah, definitely do that! Green Rooms need love too!!
Tags: green room, season 9, week 9, weekend edition
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