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Green Room - Week 9 - Day 3

It's a mix of good and bad, so true to form, I'm starting out with the bad.

Due to RL issues - similiesslip is leaving us this week. She will definitely be missed, and I hope things get better for her soon.


Now some good, from former contestants that she would definitely know. ;)

Two small press publishing companies are getting together to put out an anthology! "All proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to, an organization that seeks to uncover and put a stop to human trafficking and slavery of all kinds."

So that's a really good thing. There are more details about the project at

How does this relate to Idol? The person who came up with the concept? From Idol. The two companies involved? Created because of their involvement in Idol (and a life-long passion for books, but come on, mostly Idol! :D)

So if you have something they might be interested in, it might be worth throwing a submission their way.

Just hurry, because their new deadline for submissions is " 11:59 PM Pacific on Sunday night."


Speaking of "people I've influenced", it's NOT Idol related. Not speaking about a current Idol contestant, or a former one. Not speaking about anyone who has any idea this is even a place, much less where to find it. And if they do, and they read this bit, I'm not talking about them either. ;)

Ever influence someone, and kind of wish that you didn't?

Maybe you took them under your wing and tried to get them to be active in life, and it turned around and bit you?

Or got them on the internet and go for the lowest common denominator of postings?

Heck, maybe people who you want to encourage, but they just didn't end up listening to a word you actually said - they just got the confidence from it, to go out and work against things you stand for... or perhaps you're on the "same side", but you kind of wish you weren't. ;)

Yeah, I'm experiencing that now.

It's wonderful to make an impact on people, and I hope at the end of this adventure, your time in Idol will have made you better writers and better members of this planet. (Not sure about how we accomplish the latter, but just go with it).

If that comes to pass, and you go out there to make your mark - please just remember to know when not to be a complete asshat. ;)


Let's see, something positive - The LJ Idol Donation page. :)

People have been asking me "Is one of the special powers that will be given out the ability to come up with a topic?"

Normally, I would say "Wait and see".

But in this case, I'll let you know "Nope", However, there is a level for you to do just that on the Patreon page. :) For those really interested in that sort of thing! Just putting that out there!

Also available on that page is the Idol Store at Amazon. Tons of great stuff, some from former contestants and others from other "Friends of Idol" (people who have been supportive over the years). So check it out!

(Also, let me know if there is anything that I should be adding to it!)


Hmmm - something negative... nah, something realist. As in the reality of Idol.

The new Topic:

and Work Room:
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