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Results - Week 8

We've come to that time in the week when we need to say goodbye to people.

I've noticed a tendency for some people to skip this, and move on to the topic post without saying much. I'd urge you not to do that.

The people leaving us have done a lot of great work, and we are losing something special in our community. Well, I hope we don't actually *lose* them. Hopefully, they will stick around and continue to share their work in the Home Game and hang out in the Green Room. After all, you never know when that opportunity to re-enter the game will happen!

crochet_all_day announced his sacrifice in the entry itself. So that is who is leaving from the Redemption Tribe.

We are also losing

labelleizzy and taleanea

jenandbronze and sinnamongirl will be entering the Redemption Tribe, which will continue to exist for a couple more weeks!

It was another close vote, and if things keep up like this, it's going to be a string of ones just as close. Clearly, people are "bringing it" this season!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 8
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