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Green Room - Week 7 - Weekend Edition

How has your weekend been going?

I've gone to "Asia Fest" and appropriated the hell out of some food. ;)

Ending up hanging out downtown for awhile to soak in the buzz surrounding the Bollywood Film Festival. (seeing the signs welcoming them to the United States was definitely a clue to what a big deal this thing was. I just wish they hadn't moved up their schedule to avoid hurricane season... the good: avoiding hurricane season. the bad: not many open to the public events)

The evening was spent going to my first professional soccer match. Which was pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

Then, of course, I had to deal with the two people leaving Idol due to that bastard "real life": surpanakhalives and sweeny_todd. Other S-contestants, you are on notice! Watch out for Real Life!

The bad thing about that is that we have lost two more contestants. The good news is that you are now 2 people closer to winning! ;)

(and because I didn't announce it before - congratulations to the Top 200!)

*puts out buffet of food, and writing, so that you can discuss whichever one of those you prefer, or both*

The Topic is here: ttp://
The Work Room:
and there's still a little time to get in your constructive criticism to the Killing Floor:
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