clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Results - Week 6

This week has featured some extremely close battles and a surprise sacrifice that slipped through the cracks.

I'll deal with the sacrifice first. In Tribe 1, i_will_not_say needs to bow out due to Real Life. Looking at the poll results, you would have thought it would be a much longer run. Unfortunately, that "real life" thing doesn't consult the polls.

In Tribe 2, we actually have a tie between reborn_spirit and sestinaqueen, who will be the newest members of the Redemption Tribe!

From Redemption, by A SINGLE VOTE, we are losing seratonation
In Tribe 3, we are losing crazed_delusion

Thank you so much for coming out, and I hope that we will continue to see you in the Home Game (and you will jump in when the door opens for a second chance to play later in the season!)
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 6
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