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Green Room - Week 2 - Day 7

I was reminded this morning about what I don't like about the movie Frozen.

There are "spoilers" here for a movie already out on video and all over the internet.

No, it wasn't the fake out at the beginnng that made me want to shut it off (glad that I didn't) or the hype as half the population projects their issues onto it. That's a given, it's the internet, that's what it does and what Art ends up being (more about the person viewing it than the actual piece).

What ended up frustrating me is that *she's the Queen*. Maybe she hasn't been coronated yet, and perhaps there is a guardian who is running the day to day operations. OK, I get that. Classic palace intrigue. There usually is a form of power struggle when a stewart is facing their charge coming into their own.

But when she comes out of seclusion - yep, she's the eldest child of the deceased rulers of the kingdom. She shows her powers and the immediate reaction is "WTF", so she runs off. Had she stepped forward and said "Damn right", people's reaction at that point would likely have been "We have the most powerful ruler OF ANY KINGDOM! We are safe!!" and there would have been much rejoicing.

Had someone tried to do anything to her - um... still the Queen. If the palace guards had any loyalty to the family at all (and they seemed to), had she said the slightest thing (instead of running away) her enemies would have been taken down so fast that had they been alive to do so, they would have been dining with the rats in the dungeon before sundown.

Instead, she runs off and - builds a castle out of ice to live in alone. The ruler of her own ice castle. Instead of the ruler of a kingdom... ah, but she *still is* the ruler of that kingdom. It's not like someone was going to say "Oh yeah, ran off for a few hours, guess you're not in charge anymore!"

The movie would have been shorter, and with less production numbers - but it would have been nice to see her realize "wait, why AM I RUNNING FROM MY OWN REALM??? F-you!!!"

and that is my theory on brontosauruses.

In other news: The LJ Idol poll for Week 2 is coming to a close tonight. Who has your senses tingling? Considering how close the polls are, who isn't getting the love that they deserve? It's your last chance to make your case for this week:

Once you have had your say with that, if you still want to tell people what you think, why not head on over to the Killing Floor and offer some constructive criticism:
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