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Green Room - Week 1 - Day 5

People are always asking me questions. A few of those questions have words that I can actually repeat in public. Sometimes those questions are actually questions and *not* telling me where I can go. (I assume those are vacation suggestions. Although I'm not sure how exactly I'm supposed to get to some of those places. It doesn't seem possible!)

Some of the questions from the past couple of days seem appropriate to cover right now! So, I will!

- "Where is the poll?"

- "I missed the deadline for the poll, can you add me?" No. You can submit something as a "Home Game entry". (just post a link in a Green Room or to the Voting poll, whereever you think people will see it) But once the poll goes up, I can't edit it.

- "My votes keep vanishing, WTF?" People who have been around LJ polls for awhile know about this particular glitch. Those coming back after a while of being away or those completely new, might not. If you are going back to "edit votes" (Voting and then going back to add votes), LJ is going to erase most of, if not all, of your old votes. It's best to keep some sort of sheet handy of who you wanted to vote for, otherwise they will be lost. LJ keeps saying they will address it, but I think for the way *most* people use their polls, it's not a big issue. For us, it's pretty damn annoying. Sorry about that. I've addressed the issue with them, but for now we just have to keep doing the "work around" solution.

- "How many entries can I vote for/I really didn't like an entry, can I vote against it?"
You can vote for as many entries as you want to support. There is no way to vote "against" something. I've tried to keep the polls as "positive" as possible. You are showing support for things you have enjoyed. So the closest thing you could do in the second case, is don't vote for anything you didn't enjoy.
On your average day on the internet, people tend to come across a ton of things they don't enjoy. My hope in Idol is that you will find more that you do!

- "How can I help you?" If you are asking about anything administrative, I've got that covered. :)

If you want other ways to help out, there are a few off the top of my head: (1) Keep things positive and pro-Idol. When faced with the decision to react negatively to something, try not to do so. That's not just here, but in life in general. (I can use my own advice sometimes!) (2) Comment in the Green Rooms, voting threads and above all, in the entries themselves! (3) Share the love with other people! There are a lot of entries out there, let people know what they might have missed out on! (4) Declare your byes and link your entries! A big part of the headache of getting the poll up (other than my own technical issues) is tracking down missing entries! If everyone does their part, that will be less of an issue. (5) Idol is completely free, but if you want to give (knowing that it's not going to help you in any way), there is a link to ways to do that:

edit to add (6) I'm giving this it's own line, because it's pretty important: You can set up your journal in any style you want. It's your journal after all. Just understand that if you have a a CAPTCHA system set up for comments or have your default font set to something where people have squint, or that really cool color combination that you thought would be funny, but makes it difficult for folks to read - people only have so much time. I remember someone a few seasons back who was writing absolutely brilliant stuff. But I had to go to "use my style" in order to read it. (and most people aren't going to be as patient as I am, or look for "work arounds" to get it to work for them.) She was almost eliminated in the first couple rounds, someone mentioned it to her, she changed it, and made the finals that year! It's like writing the "Great American novel" using fingerpaint. Sure, it's a great book, but isn't part of the process being able to get people to actually *want* to sit down and read it?

I'm sure there are more questions, but I'll get to them later! :)

So, #3 on that list - what have you read that needs more love than it is currently getting? (especially from "newbies", who might not have the name recognition yet)
Tags: day 05, green room, season 9, week 1

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