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Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 4

I should have stuck to the original plan.

I've been wanting to go see one of my favorite bands. Their lead singer (after a solo show) told me last Fall that they were coming back in March 2014, and I waited patiently for the date to be announced. There was absolutely no way that I was going to miss it.

As soon as the date was announced, I told everyone I knew about it.

I don't drive, so I was hoping that I could catch a ride with one of them.

It turns out, it was a FREE SHOW. So, absolutely no reason why anyone would want to miss that.

One by one, they all cancelled on me.

Most of them had good reasons, but reasons only get you so far in the face of rock-n-roll shows! ;)

I was prepared to take a cab home if I had to do so... until I found out it would have been about $40 to actually get me home!

I threw out the invite again the day of the show. No response.

I contacted the promoter and found out that the band came on *at 8pm*! Fantastic! I would miss Survivor (something I almost never do) but I could actually catch the very last bus heading in my direction and get home a little after 11pm. WELL WORTH IT.

The opening act was scheduled for 7pm, and I get there at 6pm because I am in such a hurry to get to this place and ran for the bus that would get me there earlier.

While I'm waiting, I get confirmation that a friend of mine IS coming after all - he can't stay late, but he is willing to drive me home! The plan is coming together!

7:30 rolls around the sound guy is still setting up his gear. Not the band's gear - HIS GEAR. My friend arrives and starts asking "what's going on?" I can't find the promoter, and the lead singer of the band has wandered off (doing his pre-show whatever) so I go up to said sound guy, and I ask him "what time is the main act going on?"
He tells me "11pm".

So we leave - I get a ride home, pissed off for missing one of the my favorite bands. But I do get to watch Survivor, and spend some time with my family. Which I guess is nice too. ;)

I later get a message on facebook saying that the band started at 9:30 FROM ANOTHER FRIEND, who tells me that he could have given me a ride home.

I should have stayed. I had made a plan of action, and doubts caused me to waver from it.

Having healthy self-awareness and being able to re-examine choices is a good thing. Having that nagging doubt that "I've made a mistake" though can eat away in the back of your head and make you jump when you could have rode things out to their natural conclusion. I see that in life, and I see that when people write for Idol. They over-think things and end up with something that isn't as good.

Trust your gut.

Unless of course your gut tells you to not sign up for Idol, in which case your gut is lying to you and needs to go!

Always sign up for LJ Idol, and tell your friends to do it as well: (note that I've now announced that sign ups will close one hour before the Topic 0 deadline!)

and once you are signed up, don't forget the Week 0 topic!
Tags: day 04, green room, season 9, sign up week

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