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Season 9 Sign Up Sheet


I wanted to say something profound here. But nothing comes to mind.

Or perhaps something witty. But I've got nothing there either.

What I DO have is the Sign Up Sheet for the final season of LJ Idol.

Right here. You have a chance to be a part of that.

It doesn't matter if you've signed up for every single season or have no idea what LJ Idol even is, but your friend said it was cool, so you're trying it out. You are here, and I am extremely grateful to see you! I hope we are going to have a fun time.

But before we get to any of that, we start with the Sign Up itself!

All you have to do is go to your LJ/blog/whatever it is you are using and post something about signing up. It can literally be "I'm signing up for LJ Idol" and then paste a link to that post here in the comments section.

Please, only post that, any other comments can go to the Green Room (which is going up a few minutes after this goes live!) Save me some time deleting extra comments, and let's get started on the right foot. Once we get to the weekly topics, you are going to be linking your entries in threads much like this one, so this is good practice!

If you have any further questions, the FAQ is a good resource:

Sign ups start NOW will close Monday, March 10th at 9pm EDT EXTENSION!!! They will close Monday, March 17th at 7pm EDT
Tags: season 9, sign up

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