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The Countdown - 4

It's a good day.

Arizona vetoed. Texas overturned.

Survivor was awesome last night. And a certain 10 year old told me that she loved me last night! (not just a response, completely on her own!)

Life is pretty damn good.

Oh yeah, apparently a couple Idolers also had books come out. Whatever. As if *that's* exciting!!

But if you're interested in checking them out, I've added them to the Idol Store: is Kate Allen's Life. Love. Liturgy. There might be other periods involved as well during the course of the book.

"What sort of God do you get when the images you have don't look a thing like the person you see in the mirror? What do you get when they do?

What does sacred encounter look like when a person no longer practices religiosity or believes in God?

When religion's beliefs or dogmas are inadequate or unjust, what might keep a prophetic person or community rooted in religiosity?

In this collection of short stories and poetry, M. Kate Allen explores the processes of crashing against, opening up, dismissing, and broadening prescriptions of God and religion"

If you hate the smell and feel of a real live book and instead prefer to read things on your Kindle, there's a version for that as well:

The other book is by some hack named Elizabeth Hawkssomethingorother... and she's talking about some city she lives in. Maybe it's Detroit... who knows with these people...

Whatever the case, the book is called Lake Effect: Voices of Toronto's History.

"From all over the world they came, across the vast lake and into a city that would become Canada's largest. Building their lives from the ground up, Canada's immigrants shaped the way that Toronto grew, looked, and operated. These fictional vignettes tell a story not often heard by the bustling metropolis these days - the story of hope, love, and strength in a new land. From the rich mansions of Europe to the hovels of the squalid "Ward", each vignette traces the years to let modern readers hear the voices of Toronto's first citizens - and the stories they had to tell."

If you like your reading to be on a piece of electronics, with backlighting, might I suggest that you get it for your Kindle:

I can't say if these books are good or not, because I haven't read them *cough hint-/hint /cough*. But the people who wrote them are awesome, so I'll assume that they are as well! :)


The days are getting shorter to get ready to jump in to Season 9. If you are on the fence about it, I am going to saw down that fence... because there is no reason NOT to sign up. I want this to be the best, and the biggest, season yet. Considering that it's your last chance to play, you're going to regret it if you miss it! That "first day of school" is coming... do you really want to be the kid all alone, staring out at the playground?
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