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FYI for those seeing this in "real time", I'm making this post so that I can have somewhere with all the information and I can just link to it in the future! :)


LJ IDOL is open and free to anyone who wishes to participate.

However, there are always people who want to donate as a "thank you" or "just because". To them, I say, "Have at it!" :)

There are various ways to donate:

Google Wallet:

All you need is my email address, which is or my alternate one (that doesn't get checked as regularly)

and for those who would rather give a set amount every month:

We also have the Idol Store with lots of awesome things: You can shop there, or even just clicking through on your way to Amazon in buy other things will help out a little, with no additional charge to you!
It's literally a way to donate without doing anything you weren't planning on doing already! :D

As I said, none of this is something that anyone has to do. For those who are new - it's not going to help you in the competition. Heck, it might even hurt you! ;)

But if you want to use them, I wanted to put all the information in one handy place! If you want to give, and none of these sites work for you - let me know and I'll set up one someplace that does! :D
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